What Happens if You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

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Sleep deprivation is one of the most severe, yet underrated causes of reduced work efficiency and morbidity in the general population.

Your body is designed in such a manner that you have to get enough rest for you to perform any job. If you’re a person who is devoid of sleep, buckle yourself up. This article is just going to blow your mind.

What is sleep?

Sleep is basically a state of mind that results in partial or complete brain movement into a subconscious state. In a survey that was being conducted by one the leading organizations in America, It was astonishing to report that nearly 60% of the total population of adults suffer from this disorder. Your body is set to withstand lack of sleep for a particular amount of time.  During This time your mental capacity and your physical capacity is reduced. Your body would automatically reduce its efficiency. Not let us look at the drastic effects that you might come across by not getting the required amount of shut eye.

Mental effects

What Happens if You Don't Get Enough Sleep

What Happens if You Don't Get Enough Sleep

This is a general problem for everyone who has sleeping disorders.  Mental effects may vary from slower reaction of the body to hyper tension. To begin with slower reaction time. Have you noticed that when you do not get much sleep you take a longer time to wake up? It takes all the energy that you have to just reach the bathroom door. A  Similar situation is what happens when you do not get enough sleep. Irritability is another common problem for people who do not get adequate sleep. Irritability is generally a sensitive response to any kind of stimulation. Depression is another common complaint for people who are deprived of sleep for a long time.

Heart disease

It was also found out in some of the surveys that heart diseases are much more prevalent in the case of people who suffer from a lack of sleep. These persons may develop high blood pressure, and under severe circumstances may suffer from strokes or other ischemic events. The valves in the heart themselves may also falter from constantly elevated blood pressure, precipitating chronic heart disease.

Increase in weight

In an Australian based survey which mainly focused on people who have weight issues, it was found out that one of the main contributing factors was the lack of sleep. It was found growth hormone secretion in the body increases significantly during sleep. Growth hormone to an extent helps to regulate fat metabolism and promote linear growth

Driver fatigue

Research that was conducted based on the number of accidents that were happening recently, one thing was promptly observed; nearly 80% of the car accidents that happened were mainly based on the fact that the driver did not have enough sleep. If you are a person who wants to ride safely, have a peaceful night’s sleep as often as you can. Your body cannot withstand lack of sleep as it is one of the basic amenities. They are a few things of what happens if you don’t get enough sleep. Eight hours is the recommended standard, but for persons who find that they cannot dedicate that much time for sleep, have a weekend break. It is important to catch up on sleep whenever you can, as sleep deprivation accumulates and can take a toll on your overall well being.

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