Are The SUNDS Keeping You Awake?

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In what could be described as a condition on mythology, SUNDS, or sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome, has caused the unexplained deaths of a number of individuals during sleep, with the first documented cause occurring in the United States in 1977.

The first few reported cases were among the Hmong ethnic group, living as refugees to escape the conditions of their homeland. In other cases, deaths have been reported in Singapore and the Philippines.  Its prevalence is actually quite high in the Philippines, carrying a rate of about 0.5% or 50 per 100000. Most of the affected are young physically fit young men.

Causes of SUNDS

Are The SUNDS Keeping You Awake?

Are The SUNDS Keeping You Awake?

The actual causes of SUNDS have not been determined, but are rather the subject of local folklore. Despite the best efforts of scientific researchers to ascertain the actual causes, there has been no definite link. Sleep apnea, heart disease, drug toxicity, diet or biological metabolism have all been cleared as having any role in development of the disease. However, what has been shown is an association showing inhibition of electrical conduits in the heart, and a failure of the specialized contraction muscles in the heart from doing their job. There is also the belief that some kind of drastic emotional signal or otherwise must be the signal to start the cascade of the disorder.

Using the wood from a tree that the female demon lives and using it as supports for your house often lead to male inhabitants of the house experiencing visits from these demons.

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Symptoms of A SUNDS Attack

A person suffering from an attack of SUNDS will appear immensely distressed and may or may not become fatal. The classic symptoms are:

  • Arrhythmia- this is the abnormal beating of the heart either at as slower or faster rate than normal.
  • Nightmare- SUNDS happens during sleep, and initially the symptoms resemble those of a classic nightmare. However, the longer the person sleeps during an episode, the more likely he or she is to die from it. It is important to wake that person immediately if you are aware that person has experienced episodes.
  • Difficulty Breathing- the person experiencing an episode will have difficulty breathing, as implied in folklore, it is the spirit of an old obese hag sitting on the chest and causing the individual to suffocate.

Treatment of SUNDS

Treating sunds from a medical perspective involves directly addressing the arrhythmias associated with it, by specifically implanting a cardiac defibrillator. Use of oral anti arrhythmic medications have not proven effective for treating SUNDS, since their onset of action takes too long.

Conversely, a somewhat effective method of treating SUNDS involves waking the individual from sleep. Biting the persons thumb or wiggling that person’s big toe are novel ways to wake them up.

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